Can You Dehydrate Food Without a Dehydrator?

How Do Food Dehydrators Work?

Dehydrators are usually small to medium-sized appliances that work for drying fruits, vegetables, herbs, seeds, fish, meat, or any food item that can be dried.

Suppose you grow your mini vegetable garden or you have fruit-producing trees, berry bushes, or a grapevine.

In that case, you will appreciate the value of dehydrators to preserve foods without using valuable freezer space or dig it underground.

You can also go through a more labor-intensive process of canning, wherein the case of fruits, adds more sugar at the end product.

For people, who does not have the luxury to own a garden, you can take advantage of the seasonal offerings by shopping them on discounted price in the market.

Food dehydrators come in different sizes with many varieties of shelves or trays for drying the food item.

You just place the food on the tray, and the appliance will slowly distribute the heated air throughout the mesh-coveted trays.

The machine will then generate a very minimal to gentle heat that will dry the food slowly and carefully at an even and distributed rate; thus, preserving the organic matter and prevent the case hardening on the outside of the item.

What does it mean by case hardening?

Case hardening happens when the fruits, vegetables, and meats are heated too fast, forming a seal on the outside, which traps the moisture inside.

That is why it is very crucial to remove as much water as possible during the drying process to prevent the case hardening scenario.

Since dehydrators vary from each other, they will work a bit differently. The rate at which the food items will dry vary accordingly.

For instance, thicker and denser foods will take longer to dry than something soft, which breaks down more easily.

As you begin to work on the new machine, you will come to learn new techniques on how to cut different meats, vegetables, and fruits in their appropriate size to obtain the most efficient drying process.

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